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So glad you visiting our sites
Introduce one of our bali day tours services that we have run since 2014 until now has served hundreds of costumers.
Our office is addressed in jalan pura pengulapan no 2 ungasan south kuta badung bali, just left of "garuda wisnu kencana park".

Balance of life

" I can never read all the books i want,I can never train my self in all the skills i want.
And why do i want?I want to live and feel all the shades,Tones and Variations of mental and physical experience possible in my live.
And i am horribly limited"

Silvia Plath,the unabridge journal

Why should you choose us as your bali private tour ?

Your choice to choose us is correct !!!
With proven bali private tour experience and highly qualified driver language skills (english, arabic, chinese) add to our achievements in bali day tours services.
As a trusted bali tour operator we always keep the profesionalism during give the service to our costumers. a part of our service we also Provide local language tour guides as well as bali local tour and also various foreign languages such as english, chinese, japanese, korea, arabic, and russia (on request) with varying prices.

* Tour guide will be provided in accordance with the request we received 1 day before you create order of bali local tour *

Also the provision of our vehicle is complete with good quality vehicle assurance, ranging from types:




As for our bali tour service available some kind of service., As follows:

>> Bali DayTours <<

Best bali tours Service with ease in determining the destination and budget, because this service is limited to car - gasoline - driver only.
so any plan should have before you use this service, or can have comunication with our driver where are you will go and let them drive you comfortly.

>> Bali DayTours All Include <<

Best bali tours service with the convenience of travel in accordance with the package purchased by consumers, because this package serves ranging from:

So of course you dont need to worries about your journey because we manage all that for you, you need just sit down at the seat of car and reading the ittinery and all be done..

Bali Tour Packages

A view suggestion to provide bali tour packages it come from our last costumers, some of them said much better to do bali day tour package because nothing to do or just sit and enjoy.,but for another costumers they said different and of course its make us to challenge in give fully service.
see our tour package below :

Uluwatu Tours

uluwatu tour

Begins tour to tanjung benoa, the water tourism in the south of Bali, more precisely nusa dua area, here many found a lot of water sports, such as ...Read More Uluwatu Tours..

Kintamani Tours

kintamani tour

Destination to the middle bali that offering you the green side of bali island, during the journey we will show you the interesting places such as monkey for....Read More Ubud Kintamani Tours

Tanah Lot Tours

tanah lot tour

starting at 9 o'clock morning and drive directly to taman ayun temple as the royal temple mengwi and then continue to the ulundanu temple for one hours drive in.. Read More Tanah Lot Tours..

Lovina Tours

lovina tour

Seightseeing dolphin tour is start from 3 o'clock morning and approximately arrive at 6 o'clock and then continue to the boat to hunt the dophin and the sunrise by camera.. Read More Lovina Tours..

Nusa Lembongan Tours

nusa lembongan tour

starting at 8 o'clock morning and we drive directly harbour of speed boat that will take you to nusa lembongan islands and we do after you get breakfast...Read More Nusa Lembongan Tours..

Nusa Penida Tours

nusa penida tour

Picking up is still at same time at 8 o'clock morning and we drive you to the harbour that will bring you to nusa penida islands and the journey of speed boat around 30 minutes and....Read More Nusa Penida one day trip Tours..

All these conveniences we make to support rather than maximal service to the consumer, because it is the thing above is often used in the activity in bali
*In accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Indonesia on taxation, it is possible that on some transactions will be taxed at 10% of the agreed price*
# Travel insurance # The insurance standard is provided by the travel department conducted by the company * jasaraharja * with a maximum of IDR 25,000,000

Okay, are you ready to make a journey with us ?


1.Do you still confused about where to take the tour? because you have not been to Bali before ..

may be you are confused because it does not know where and what to visit while in Bali, for it we recommend you try the following package tour ( if your place is still around bali airport ) :

Uluwatu Tour

Uluwatu tour trip includes visits to the following three locations All journey spent time around 8 hours
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2. Or you already been to BALI and are looking for a different trip from before?

we recommend you to try the following trips

lovina sunrise tour

* This Journey will be starting at 03.00am *
Schedule of Lovina tour is visits three of below places : All of Journey In this bali day tour package will spent around 15 hours journey
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3. Or are you more comfortable without a schedule ?

we recommend using our transport service

Standard Service

* limited destination, maximum distance until middle bali *

Advantage of this service

BOOK THIS phone of saudara bali tour whatsapp of saudara bali tour

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How if i using the standard service over the time ordered ?
Our bali private tour service standards start from 5 hours to 10 hours in accordance with the agreement, and if it must exceed the time the deal is subject to an extra charge of 15%/hours from the main Charge.
2. Why i cannot use the service just for drop me at out side of bali island, eventhough i already booked for 10 hours and duration for drop me 5 hours only ..?
Yes sure you cannot use for drop to outside bali island with regular bali daytours service, we have different service and prices for drop/pick you in - from outside bali island.
3. Why the driver refused my ordered to change the routes ?
"All our driver is still humans with high experience along the trips, they will decide to okay when they think the route change is not really far away from the first destination and also times duration is affordable, please communicated with driver before you decide to change those bali tour service destinations. be a good custumers!!"

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